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Stephanie Corneliussen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-something years ago.

She's also gonna stop referring to herself in a third person, because I'm writing this myself...
You know, to get the facts straight. Here's the deal - I'm human just like you, and I was lucky enough to know what I wanted from a very young age. I wanted to be an actor. That's what I do. 
I also wanted to be a vet, a fighter pilot, a graphic designer and ruler of the world. I've accomplished two out of five so far. I write and make music too, but I've yet to find the courage to share it with world. I like animals a lot, I have 3 cats and a pigeon. And humans. I haven't quite decided if I like one sex more than the other, so I'm going with the flow on that one... I find actor bio's sort of weird and often impersonal, so I'll keep it real simple. I started modeling when I was 13, and it... wasn't really a great fit for me, mainly 'cause I can't stay serious for more than 5 minutes at a time. And the fashion bizz takes itself... Very seriously.  It took me all over the world tho, and I ended up in Los Angeles, where I really got serious about acting. I landed a bunch of co- and guest starring roles and finally landed a recurring role, that lead to a series regular role on USA Network's "Mr. Robot" as Joanna Wellick aka. Lady Macbeth aka. My mum scoffs at the TV. ...So yah - that's where we're at.

Also my favorite emoji is the rat. Thanks for reading.

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